Designing the Indeterminate was a project to produce design work to be displayed along side a performance of works by Morton Feldman by The Hard Rain Ensemble. Feldman was an early proponent of Indeterminate music. An experimental form of music that allows the musicians to arrange the fragments of the music in different sequences. Defined by the immediate energy and instincts of themselves and their collaborators.

I wanted to embody this concept as much as possible visually. I made marks instinctively while listening to the work of Feldman, breaking down  the marks into the different instruments involved. After this I used old letraset sheets to define the different marks into shapes. I chose old letraset to keep everything hands on and interactive like the music, as well as utilising the unpredictability of how the letraset shapes would adhere to the paper to further that concept.

This shaped language of Feldman's work was then enlarged and transferred onto a large roll of paper by way of luminous spray paint and stencil. It laid out as the music dictated as well as to represent heavy rainfall to tie in with the ensemble's name. After this the details of the concert were drawn by hand with a brush and ink while listening to more of Feldman's work.Without thinking too much about the marks I was making I let the music dictate when the letterforms were drawn, how quickly, when I stopped moving the brush, how it moved etc. The shapes representing more prominent parts of the piece where sprayed over the type as opposed to the others that had the type over the shapes.

Everything on the poster represents a fragment of a piece of music by Feldman, and every mark on the page and every design element was routed in instinct to stay true to the concept defined by the music it represents.